→kαяιಌѕυє (crazie_duckie) wrote in 0hs0__sexii,

okay guys, we've got to get down to business.
this community is starting to look a little ridiculous, and it's making me mad. let's discuss some things & you MUST read this.

#1: If you have not applied to this community, yet you have been voting, THAT iS N0T All0WED!!! i will give you a week to fill out an application, to be accepted or rejected & if you don't - then you are banned, i'm sorry. rules are rules.

#2: If you are trying out for the community, PLEASE wait until you are accepted before you start voting, that is like the worst mistake you could make & i should ban the people who do this, but since i'm not that mean, i will put you on probation & if you don't apply within 2 weeks, then you will be banned also.

#3: Members, you need to start giving reasons to why you like them or don't - don't just say yes, because she's your best friend, and don't just say no because their music sucks. Be more specific.

#4: I'm sorry but this community looks like a promotion community. N0 M0RE PR0M0Ti0NS unless you are a mod, which i am looking for one more [active person] to help out, since i'm not the activest member & neither is Sabrina.
But if you do promote another community, i will ban you.

i'm sorry but i have to start being more strict, because these members think they control the mods, and YOU DONT!

if this community doesn't start getting activier, i will be forced to close it down, so you guys make your decision, and please...help out!
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